water heater maintenance

water heater maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

While you may not have given it much thought, but water is a commodity that we take for granted every single day. Imagine stepping in the bath, turning on your shower to a warm or hot setting and instead getting showered with cold water.

As it turns out, you never bothered with water heater maintenance!
Hence, it is essential to get your water heater checked out on a regular basis as depending on the water quality, sediments and minerals may settle down at the bottom of the tank. This, in turn, can lead to rusting and corrosion.

It is here that Expert Plumber Dubai steps in and ensures that this never happens in the first place. water heater maintenance

Water Heater and How it Works

Our services not only include water heater installation but regular maintenance of water heaters is our priority.

A water heater essentially works on a simple mechanism. Cold water is brought in through a dip tube, is heated with electric heating elements from within. Water is then moved throughout the home using heat-out pipes. water heater maintenance

Benefits of Using a Water Heater

As far as water heaters are concerned, if you are investing in one, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. Here we outline a few benefits of using water heaters. Keep in mind, though, that regular water heater maintenance is a must if you want to reap its benefits on a long-term basis. water heater maintenance

  • Water heaters are cost-effective as they use less energy to heat up water in minimal time. They are generally well-insulated which ensures energy efficiency.
  • They are eco-friendly as they utilize less energy and produce minimal green-house emissions. This is particularly true for high-efficiency water heaters.
  • Water heaters are safer to use as compared to traditional fuel-fired water heaters as they reduce the risk of combustible hazards.
  • Water heaters are convenient and simple to use. From water heater installation to repairs, we have got you covered. water heater maintenance

Why is Important to Get Your Water Heater Checked Out Regularly?

Water heater maintenance Dubai is a must if you own a water heater, whether it is a tank or tank-less water heater. A water heater is just like any other electrical appliance in your home. If you do not look after it, it will lose its efficiency.

Water heater maintenance is essential and here are some tips straight from experienced professionals at Expert Plumber Dubai:

  • Sediment build-up in water heater tanks is normal and using a reliable water heater service can get rid of this build-up. If you don’t, then this will affect the heater’s ability to efficiently heat the water. This, in turn, will lead to excessive fuel consumption and wastage.
  • All water heaters have anode rods. These rods are sacrificial as they undergo corrosion so that your tank doesn’t. Regular maintenance and water heater repair can actually foresee if the anode rods need replacement or not, saving your water heater well ahead of time.
Regular Maintenance of Water Heaters is not Only Cost-effective but It Also Maintains the Efficiency of Your Water Heater!

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