Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Every family dreams about installing a luxurious swimming pool in the backyard. From throwing amazing pool parties for friends to celebrating pool play dates for kids; soaking in water during the summers is the best therapy you need!
Nonetheless, enjoyment aside, swimming pool maintenance is essential. For both: health as well as cosmetic reasons. Keeping an eye on your swimming pool is important because of common concerns which can arise regularly. Apparently, electrical hazards, water leakage, water clogging and repairs need regular maintenance.
This is where we step in! Our professional team offers exceptional swimming pool repair and maintenance services. We know how to clean and repair your pool the right way! swimming pool maintenance

Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools

At Expert Plumber Dubai, we not only offer swimming pool installation services but also offer regular maintenance services. We profoundly handle residential pools as well as commercial swimming pools. Whatever the issue, we can fix it! swimming pool maintenance

Best Inground Installation Services

If your pool construction and foundation is not strong enough, your swimming pool will keep bombarding you with maintenance problems in the future. Hence, choosing contractors with best in ground pool installation experience is imperative.

swimming pool maintenance
We offer the best in ground pool installation services in Dubai. Our installation process is based on 3 major steps.

  • Firstly, our contractor assesses your property for building compliance.
  • Secondly, we take aesthetics, shape, depth and the quality of the ground into consideration.
  • Later, we offer you a swimming pool plan which is safe, beautiful and realistic.

Regular Pool Maintenance Services

Understanding the importance of clean water without bacteria is essential. You wouldn’t want to swim in water which is contaminated or dirty. Therefore, let Expert Plumber Dubai take all your swimming pool safeguarding problems away.
Our swimming pool maintenance Dubai services include:

  • Swimming pool regular cleaning services
  • Swimming pool weekly, bi-annual and annual maintenance services
  • Refurbishment and repair
  • Swimming pool plumbing repairs
  • Installing, cleaning and checking pool covers
  • Water leakage checking and repairing services
  • Water cleaning and contamination control services.
  • swimming pool maintenance

Pool Water Disinfectants and Purifiers

Keeping the swimming pool water clean is important but can become a tedious task on a regular basis. While you need to take the seasonal variations into consideration, other factors such as animals, birds, trees and water-borne bacteria are also common issues.
Hence, it is ideal that you invest in proper swimming pool maintenance Dubai services. Apparently, residential as well as commercial swimming pools remain dirty even after thorough cleaning of the water through filtration. The development of micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae are common.
Our professionals thoroughly decontaminate your water by using salt water chlorination, chlorine, bromine and PHMB.

swimming pool maintenance


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